travel insurance for holiday rentals

Family booked a cottage for rent last summer, came quietly and simply fell in love with the cottage. However, on the second day of their two-week stay mum phoned to say that her father is seriously ill and not expected to live. Something & # 39; I have gathered and returned home, and, unfortunately, her father died a few days later. After the funeral, the tenant called the owner of the cottage, and asked what compensation it can be expected, as they used only 2 days of their 14-day stay. The owner refused to pay the money with an explanation of what it hopes to profit from the rental of the cottage to pay the costs to the country and has always been fully zabroshana during the season. She could not find a replacement rental party at the last minute and, as stated in the lease agreement; if it was, the money would not be returned. Of course, in the lease group did not have travel insurance, which may be covered with folding travel due to illness and / or death of a close relative. Rental cost something & # 39; and more than $ 4,000, and they could not recover a penny of that money.

Many people believe that travel insurance is necessary only when you turn on flights; where covered by the delay, lost luggage and risk busting airline; and in a foreign country needs health coverage. It is not considered important or not considered at all to buy insurance to cover the journey that is done by, to its own power in the same province or the same country.

Think again! Most orders are made in the cottage for a few months ahead of time, and a lot can happen after an order to change the circumstances. Diseases of any participant travel, dismissal from work, or a call to the service of the jury – are just a few situations that will be covered by travel insurance policy. Several insurance companies also offer the option "change your mind" allows you to cancel for any reason after the order was placed and paid in full & # 39; volume. Usually it pays a sum sufficient to cover the fees for the cancellation, which can be rented or the owner of the agency.

Ordering property for rent holiday, carefully check the rules of property owners and to abolish agencies. If this is confusing, ask a question. In general, the majority of private owners and rental agencies will try to sort out the property, if it is canceled, and return the money to you for the period that they have altered, for the calculation of fees for the cancellation.

Payment for travel insurance becomes less important, the more you pay, but it's worth any price for your peace of mind.