Choose a vacation rental to add their vacation value

You are planning your vacation? You must be very excited to get away from time to pitch & # 39; yatskaga pace of your life, is not it? One of the hardest parts of planning your vacation to the & # 39 is to find places to stay at the destination. With a large number of hotels in different budget ranges you can spoil a choice when it comes to choosing one. However, the hotel does not give you a personalized experience and the possibility to cook food. They are also quite expensive, if you are booked as a package, as it includes meals and other services. It is here on vacation rentals comes as a huge fortune. What are they and what are they useful? Read on to learn more about it.


Vacation like a serviced apartments where the owners rent out their homes to tourists in different directions. Unlike hotels, these homes are fully furnished, and they give you a lot of flexibility, because you can prepare a meal, watch TV, have a good rest and spend time that is convenient for you. The owners of these homes can and can not be next to his dacha on the & # 39 objects.

The benefits of choosing vacation rental

1. comfortable atmosphere

The atmosphere provided in these lodges, just incredible. Do you feel that zastavaetsesya in his house, because you do not have to deal with unruly intruders, loud music or any type of disciplinary behavior, which may have had to feel the other guests if you stayed in the hotel. In addition to this, the owners of these houses you are treated like family & # 39; and, making your vacation a memorable one for you.

2. strict confidentiality

One of the main advantages of renting a holiday choice with & # 39 is that it gives you complete privacy to enjoy a well-deserved rest with your family and loved ones. You get access to the entire house and benefits associated with it as a gym, swimming pool and the like. You do not have to share these resources with other guests, as you are always in hotels. Do you want to enjoy a meal in the garden? Cook food exactly the way you want, bring delicacies in the garden and enjoy the holiday time with family & # 39; it – it is something that you can never do in a hotel or resort.

3. cost-effective

vacation homes do not pay you as much as the hotel. Rates for the hotel is very big, because you take a fee for accommodation, infrastructure and facilities, regardless of whether you use them or not. If you are traveling in a large group, the fee for the hotel exceeds the upper hand, since the management will charge you an extra bed with a double bed, extra beds, cots, etc. With you, there are a fixed amount, which depends on the length of stay, and you get unlimited access to the bedroom, living room and other entertainment on the & # 39 objects. This is the best choice if you are driving a large family & # 39; it.