Rent a vacation, an apartment or a hotel? Strategies that help plan your vacation!

Are you wondering whether you should choose a hotel or vacation rental for your next vacation?

Here are some questions to help you decide:

Or the value of a factor at all?

Of course, there are cheap hotels and higher rental vacation classes. But if you evaluate hotels and vacation rental of the same general class, you will always save money by staying in a vacation rental. The main factor? Food and drinks! Even if you eat every meal and only have drinks and snacks in a rented apartment, you will save significantly, because the rental is similar to your home. Breakfast in your new home for rest and packing sandwiches for a picnic can help you save money. Think of all the water bottles that you bought on vacation and all breakfasts at the hotel, that your children should not eat (at $ 14 per)! Save even more by preparing some meals in your vacation. Some nights you are tired and do not really want to walk into a restaurant, but the hotel, your only alternative – budget room service!

Do you like to stretch?

Dollar for dollar, you get much more space in the holiday apartment. In our hotel Kauai Resort Condo has 1200 square feet of rooms for the price of 300 square feet in a hotel with similar amenities. In the apartment you can walk, take a nap in the bedroom, while the other plays the music in the living room, or simply feel that the holidays will not close. If there is rain or if someone is ill, and you stay, you will like to have more space than just a room!

Do you want quality time with family & # 39; or her friends?

The apartment to relax you have the feeling of returning home between classes or when you return at night. Grab a drink or snack from the fridge, play poker with your friends or puzzles with the children. You'll enjoy the time together, whether for families or friends traveling together.

Do you like to get a lot of freebies?

Most vacation rentals leave a lot of extra goodies to satisfy guests. For example, in our apartment in Kauai we provide guides, Hawaiian history, language, and even cook books, compact composition with Hawaiian music and DVD movie every made on Kauai. We also provide boogie boards, equipment for pipes and many other additional additives. Vacation in which we stayed, just gave us the idea to take a bookshelf, so you can finish the book and take home the plane. In the hotel you just get shampoo or a mint on the pillow! Another vacation rental we used once for guests puzzles and board games. We thought it was nice, but not necessary, until a big storm did not make our party, eight family members & # 39; and between two and 88 years to stay inside for almost two days! The games were very comfortable, and the additional rent recreation room (see. The second item above) prevented us go crazy! Now we also offer table games!

Try to rent a vacation for your next vacation! A luxury vacation for less! This is the best deal on the trip!