Rental cottage and holidays – 4 Things You Must Know!

Do you want to rent a holiday in Spain, but did not want to be deceived, or spend money on a home that you thought that this is your best choice, only to find that you made a big mistake? Or you are interested in getting a cheap vacation rental in Spain … or even to package deals!

Below are detailed tips to help you find and rent your holiday home without worries and problems, and even save money.

Know what you're getting

If you are looking for short term vacation rentals in Spain, it should be included. Always double check that there are no hidden charges on the invoice. Do you have a Wi-Fi or the Internet? This is the basic or premium? Or includes the cost of whole months? Maybe the Internet free of charge until the first 5 GB.

What should I do if I have to leave early? you will receive a partial refund? They can tell you that the all-inclusive, but check the invoice just to make sure, as this can be up to what amounts.

knowing manager

Knowledge of the head of a holiday home is very important. In the contract the exact contact information, if you need help must be provided. What if your washing machine will break or hot water will not work anymore … and you have to stay for another 3 weeks on vacation.

Try to save the contact information in the rest home and it turns out that you can always be contacted. If you can connect with another person, do it! Make sure that you have at least a phone number and e-mail owner.

Family & Pets

If you have a pet, look for vacation rentals to animals in Spain! Imagine traveling all your holiday home, to know that pets are prohibited in the house. Some people do not like a pet (hygiene) were in the previous guests.

Or, if you have three children, and in the guest room a bed the size of a king … this can become a big problem. Make sure that you see enough pictures at home, to be sure. Check the location … it is safe for children? It is close to local activities?

booking early

Braniruytsesya early to make sure everything is as promised. At certain times of year, the rent lift very busy because of the holiday season, so try to book early. You can search for a holiday rental with having a little out of season to get the best deals.

Do not hesitate to communicate with the owner / property manager, most of which rental has package deals. Perhaps they can offer car rental, cheap flights, attractions and much more … Just ask and see it.

Now you have tips on renting vacation homes that fit your needs.