10 things you need to do before you go to rent a cottage

If you plan to vacation cottage this summer, start by planning early. It’s all the fun – take care of children and to conduct regular family meetings to talk about what to take with you, what you plan to do when you get there, and who is responsible for what. Here are a few tips to get started.

1 Read the agreement carefully and conditions
Make sure you know when I check. It does not plan to arrive before the appointed time. The owners have only a little time to put the cottage between guests and often need a lot of work and general maintenance. Arrive early does not mean that you will have access to the cottage or waterfront, and you may have to go away and come back again in the time of registration
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2 If you plan to take your pet, make sure that the owner of Pets

Keeping a pet to the country – it is a privilege, not a right. Often owners do not allow pets in the property because their children have an allergy or they simply do not like dogs and cats. Please respect this and do not put the owner in an awkward position to ask you to leave and find alternative accommodation for your pet.
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3 Buy a good map of the area, plan your route and find alternative
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Summer cottage main road very busy. Buy MapArt book that covers the area you are visiting, and advance splaniruytse route. Make sure that the information which you have from the owner or agency, you can follow a map. Put instructions cottage address and access details in a clearly labeled plastic folder. This should be the first thing you put in the car, and the last thing you check!

4 Write a packing list and make all things & # 39; u add to their lists
If you arrive at the house late at night, 15 kilometers down a country garden, this is not the time to realize that I forgot to pack toilet paper. Most cottages have food, this is probably a terrific example, but good packaging is vital to remember all those little things that make self-service more convenient.
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5 Check what time of closing stores in the area

Cottage stores remain open in the summer season, but not so long as the city. It might be better to stop before then, when you plan to collect food for the journey.

6 Buy Shoes for Water
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Green mussels are often found in many lakes, despite the best efforts of lake associations to prevent them. They are razor-sharp and can cause quite a painful incisions. I recommend to take water shoes anywhere, especially to children. They are also useful if you are in an area where the lake bed of soft and gentle, if you do not like it when it is placed between the toes!
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7 Find out if life jackets are provided and check the dimensions

According to the law, life jackets or personal devices for swimming (PFD) of appropriate dimensions for passengers are carried on any ship. Of course, much safer and smarter to wear them! Some owners of cottages will provide a range of UPF, but you need to make sure that they comply with the rules, or you can threaten large fines. When in doubt, buy their own.

8 Purchase a license for fishing

If you are planning a fishing trip, even on the dock, buy a license for fishing. For more information go to the website Fish Ontario. Summer OPP OPP patrols as well as roads, so make sure you have the proper license to display.
9 Make sure you know what size bed

If your cottage does not supply linens for beds, check the size before you go. Struggling to stretch the full-size sheets on the queen bed, it’s not what you want to do in his first night. Most owners put underwear for large-sized beds, but it is best to check on this. And if you plan to use at the cottage sofa bed or sofa for the drawing, ask the owner does not give it the Comforter, blankets and pillows.

10 If you are going on vacation with friends, decide on the ground rules before the trip
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This topic is another article, so for now, plan a couple of meetings with friends to discuss how you plan to make a holiday for all of you. Talk about their expectations and be realistic and honest about everything, what you may not be willing to compromise. Bedtime for children and diet often & # 39 are problems that can become a cause of disharmony.
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Good planning will pay dividends when you create a stressful and enjoyable vacation. Start in advance and you will have a great time.
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