Location scouts from your holiday in Santa Barbara

Guests holiday rental in Santa Barbara often interested in location filming, and with good reason. There are many iconic places of Santa Barbara, which appear in films and television shows. Read on to find out why our fair city – it is a choice for so many popular productions and how you can identify and visit the famous filming location in the Santa Barbara and around.

Many visitors feel a strong sense of familiarity or accessories for the first time when they are exploring Santa Barbara. We are not going to reduce anyone claim to psychic abilities or past life, who lived in America, on the Riviera, but most likely they have seen one of the over 200 different movies and TV shows shot entirely or partially over the past 100 years.

Do not leave your vacation rental in search of places that become known to the silver screen, until you read the full list of Sanitary Barbara. You've probably seen at least one or more of these popular productions:

2009. This is complicated

2006 Pirates of the Caribbean III

2006 There Will Be Blood

2006 PSyH

2006 Bachelor

2006 Chef 2, Bravo

2005 monk

2005 shop Oprah Winfrey

2004 Flight of the Phoenix

2004 Star-in-law

2004 side

2003 Hidalgo

Seabiscuit 2003

Sorority Life 2003

2001 The X-Files

2000 meaningless

1999 Double Jeopardy

Star Trek 1998:. Uprising

1996 The long kiss goodnight

1996 GI Jane

1996 Face / Off

1995 Nixon

1994 Walk in the Clouds

one thousand nine hundred ninety-four Congo

Nineteen ninety four young indie / Hollywood fools

1993 Pelican Brief

1990 Rakker

one thousand nine hundred eighty-four Tripe

1980 The postman always rings twice

1978 Frisco Kid

1967 Graduate

1964 Pilot Batman

1923 The Ten Commandments

1914 Pauline Pauline

it's complicated

Last loud movie that came out of our region, was last year's romantic comedy Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, which is complicated.

The film's director Nancy Meers chose Santa Barbara for a reason, which will be able to contact any amateur tourist or native film. In an interview with & # 39; w magazine Santa Barbara Myers said "Santa Barbara feels right for so many reasons – natural beauty wherever you look, a state of mind that I feel when I'm there quietly … It It felt as close to the good life, as one can get. "

It & # 39; s Complicated – a great movie that seems to demonstrate our fair city to the best advantage.

There seems to be the operative word. Much of it was filmed on a sound stage in Brooklyn in the middle of winter. There were dropped only three short scenes.

  • There is a scene where Jane runs through the neighborhood Montesita, and her friend, architect Adam under the & # 39; leaving your car. It was actually filmed in her small burgers, what can be learned from the unique wooden street signs. If you want to play Jane Montesito shoes stay at the resort Four Seasons The Biltmore, which can become an inspiration for the hotel where Jane and her ex-husband had a meeting interrupted.
  • When Jane is waiting for her in the fictional therapist Medical Center of Santa Barbara, it is actually hidden in the back under the & # 39; Congress El Paz Street Anacapa Island, an open trading advice Spanish style.
  • Although we have a dizzying array of Farmers Markets, one of the shops in the Jane was actually intended for her outside the courthouse in Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara in 1920, the courthouse Santa Barbara to Anapa street.

Unfortunately, there is no such place as juicy and easy on the nature of business Bakery "Jane". The set was built in-house picnic in Brooklyn. But the hungry visitors can find similar items in the fax Jeannine and Xanadu (temporarily closed until April 2011 due to a fire) in Montecito or Renault in the city center.


wine tasting party other picture was a sensation when it was released in 2004. Filmed mainly in the neighboring valley of Santa Yin, she gave birth to a completely new appreciation of wine (not Merlot!) From this area, and garden industry has grown. around people who want to follow in the footsteps of dubious characters in the film.

Proponents of this film are often looking for "hips card", which will take you in a car tour of the main movie. In many areas even have a sign with the logo of Sideways. If you want to travel by bicycle, Sideways bike map will help you find sites.

Various places in the right Santa Barbara

There are plenty of local places that appear in the films, which are not even established in the region. This is due to the abundance of beautiful features of the area, which is so easy to combine with other localities.

  • Styrns Wharf – attraction of the 19th century, located at the bottom of State Street. It is the oldest operating wharf on the west coast, and the second longest pier on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, on the hair of less than 2,000 feet. In the 1940s, actor James Cagney and his brothers were the owners Styrns Wharf. He & # 39; appeared in "Date with Judy, and my favorite Martian" and a version of Batman in 1966. "Some days you just can not get rid of a bomb!"
  • State Street has many attractions acquaintances. She & # 39 appeared in the films "Cutter & Way; Steal Big, Steal Little" among countless others.
  • Watch "Old Town" on the state of the streets and Haley was presented in "Pelikanskim compression".
  • County Courthouse, Santa Barbara Anacapa Island on the street, too, was in the theft of large, small stolen.
  • Santa Barbara Mission was on Sunset Boulevard and hard intentions 3.

Various locations in the greater Santa Barbara

In this region, there is much more than just a beautiful red roofs in the center of the city. One of the reasons why the region is so popular among the filmmakers, with & # 39 is its almost infinite variety.

  • Arch bridge cold spring – a great steal, steal a little.
  • Lake kachuma – the postman always rings twice
  • Heine Vineyard – Seabiscuit and mice and men.
  • In downtown Los Olivas – Return to Mayberry.
  • Paradise Road – the revolt of the sea starfish and Star Trek.
  • Coast Gavioty – Spartan.
  • Gaviota Trestle – Mice and Men.
  • Gaviota Tunnel – graduate.
  • Dunes of Guadalupe – the Ten Commandments, Hidalgo, J.. Jane, Pirates of the Caribbean III.
  • Airport Santa Maria – Rockets and the best years of our lives.
  • Mission La Purisima – sea biscuit.
  • Road Yalom – a walk in the clouds.
  • Ambient Ranchlend – mice and men.

Fake Santa Barbara

Sometimes in Santa Barbara can be delivered performances, but for whatever reason they can not be removed. In this case, they can use more personnel training, such as pier and the tower shown in the television series Psych.

In the film, "I love you", Man had to undergo the wedding scene in a fictional spa resort of El Encanto in Montesita. It is actually filmed in a private residence on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Sorry, concierge to rent for the holidays will not be able to order at El Encanto, but they can find you the perfect alternative!

Sometimes the scenes are shot with certain geographical liberties. The graduate on stage Benjamin, who travels south to Santa Barbara, showed it to the car, which heads north through the Gaviota Tunnel in the wrong direction. Even the Church, which he pounded in time of the wedding, was not there. He really is in La Vernet, east of Los Angeles.

Television loves Santa Barbara

Madevry not only people who are attracted to this area. It also carries the glamor to the small screen. Countless television programs have been established, there were special episodes, located in our name, or only mentioned the name. There was even a night drama in the '80s called Santa Barbara.

Most recently, our fair city has been presented or mentioned in episodes of "Gossip," "Entourage," "Winning," "Beverly Hills," 90210, "The word of L", "Bavarat," "Melrose Place," "Benefits", " LA law, Zora and Oceans Away ".

View of Santa Barbara, but not quite

Then there is the setting, which are located in places that sound suspiciously similar to our beautiful city, but it is never open. A classic example – a television show Buffy the Vampire Killer.

Hometown Buffy "Sonideyl" is described as a coastal city, two hours north of Beverly Hills – check. Both cities are home to the University of California campus branches. Sunnydale architecture looks very familiar. Both cities are located in the Pacific and suffered devastating earthquakes between the two world wars. Sayndeyl also been described as the Chumash tribe of the house, which was indigenous to the county of Santa Barbara and Ventura, and many pictures of the exhibition was … you guessed it.

The most convincing of the & # 39 is the fact that several times during the seven-year run of characters used Sayndeyl cards that were actually … Santa Barbara. Now we want to assure those who stay in vacation rentals that our utopian city is no such thing as hell. But you might want to take a garlic necklace, if you plan a lot of wandering after sunset.

Santa Barbara with 100 years of history in films

2010 marks the 100th anniversary of the lively and thriving film presence in Santa Barbara. Since 1910, the film company Essanay regularly visited Chicago in search of better weather & # 39; I and suitable places for the withdrawal of its popular Western genre of short films. They were followed for a permanent separation of the western flying studio "A", which is also looking for the best out & # 39; I benefits from the closeness Edysanskaga trust in the east. They chose our city, in fact could find the urban and rural settlements so close.

Flying "A" took a big hit due to the combined effects of the First World War, the influenza pandemic and the Great Depression. But we are already well established as a filming location to choose from. In 1923, Cecil B. Demil took the Ten Commandments on the landscapes of Guadalupe (also used in the Pirates of the Caribbean III) and again we ran into the vanguard of the film.

The rest, as they say – is history.

Next is from Santa Barbara

The entertainment industry is alive and well. In June last year, the cast and crew of the new film titled No Strings Attached opened a store in the Episcopal Church of All Saints-by-the-Sea and The Resort The Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore. Movie star Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher is scheduled for release on January 21, 2011.

You can visit many famous places of filming. If you want to get to know yourself, offers three different routes that lead you through the area, to determine the place of the most popular high-profile films. And if you're good enough for the day, you will need to rent a vacation in Santa Barbara to return home after living the life of a movie star.